Long Neck Tribes of Thailand


By Don Heiring

In Chiang Mai, there is a place called Mae Hong Son where you can find the Long Neck Tribes of  Thailand or commonly known as Giraffe Tribe or Brass Ring women. They are an inquisitive attraction because of the coils made of bronze on their neck. Weighing 20 pounds and 30 cm in length, this coil provides them the false illusion of having long necks.

Paduang or Giraffe tribe is a sub-group of the Kare Hill clan who comes from Myanmar specifically in the Kayah state. They have fought and battled for sovereignty for years and in mid year 90s, this group of people fled persecution and ended in Thailand. They are refugees and don’t have citizenship or the right which come with citizenship like the right to property ownership and access to health care.
There are lots of means to visit the Long Neck Tribe of Thailand. A lot of people believe that these long neck people are safer in this place and not returning them to their mother country where they may face harassment and aggravation and have a poorer lifestyle. Even if visitors protest that the long neck tribe of Thailand push you into purchasing their handmade handicrafts, this is their source of revenue. By means of selling handmade handicrafts, they can earn considerably compared to working as a farmer.

Although the organization does gain from the entrance charges to the tribe, these funds are also required to pay for medical charges once villagers are sick and used for general maintenance of the tribe. A lot of guests come away with a sentiment that the experience was not real and the tribe contrived. On the other hand, once you look above this and think about the grounds for why it requires is organized this way, you’ll find that the situation is extremely different.

While outsiders might think of this as inhumane, the Long Neck Tribe of Thailand reflects on this as aesthetically stunning and something they are proud of. Providing them the chance to illustrate this practice as an essential part of their civilization will improve as well as conserve their society.
Once you decide to see them, make sure that your visit is beneficial to the Long Neck Tribe. Buy the handmade handicrafts and souvenirs they sell in the village.

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